Comfiwears - Geneva

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Comfiwears - Geneva

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 Whether you’re looking for a fresh pair of kicks to complete your new outfit, or revive an old one, The Comfiwears Geneva has you covered. By utilizing our TPR polymer insole, this design allows you to make a statement without sacrificing your feet in the process, a common symptom of traditional designer shoes. Free size exchanges are available on all orders to guarantee that you receive your perfect fit.


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Product Care:

1. Clean with the washcloth. Use a small amount of mild soap and water.

2. Air dry.

3. Do not machine wash.


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We sincerely believe in positive customer support, Our positive customer support methodology is a principle where every customer is answered and taken care of within 24 hours, and aim to get a customer satisfaction rating of 4+ and will make our customer support reps are held accountable for the highest standards.

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